Moment SeoKyu & SeoHwa

Disini tempatnya moment Seohyun & Kyuhyun serta Seohyun & Yonghwa


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SeoKyu moment


Seohyun – Kyuhyun Couple Fact 


  • Sama-sama seorang magnae dari grup masing-masing.
  • Sama-sama memiliki nama belakang HYUN.
  • Sama-sama memiliki kulit paling putih di grup masing-masing. (gak percaya??? cek aja sendiri,,ini henry gak di itung)
  • Sama-sama berada diurutan ke-2 member paling tinggi di grup. Kyuhyun setelah Siwon [jika tanpa hankyung dan zhou mi] dan   Seohyun setelah Sooyoung.
  • Sama-sama pendiem dan gak hiperaktif di depan kamera kalo di acara resmi.
  • Keduanya merupakan murid pintar ketika di sekolah.
  • Sama-sama memiliki kemampuan vokal yang baik.
  • Di grup,keduanya sudah mulai menjadi lead dance.
  • Sama-sama merupakan tipe golongan A.
  • Ibu mereka memiliki dan bekerja di rumah mode (butik)
  • Di tahun 2010 lalu ,keduanya sama-sama mengisi sountrack untuk sebuah drama.
  • Keduanya punya kebiasaan memakai gelang di kanan.
  • Pernah menjadi pasangan duet di SM TOWN 2010. Dan tiap merka duet, pasti pegangan tangan.
  • Mukanya sama-sama polos (?)
  •  Sama-sama punya kebiasaan seperti anak-anak. Kalau Kyuhyun suka main games, Seohyun suka liat-liat kartun,
  • Kalo udah melakukan hobby-nya suka lupap waktu. Kyuhyun dan Seohyun yang rela gak tidur sampe larut malam hanya untuk itu. Kyuhyun yang mau bergadang main games, dan Seohyun yang liat kartun/anime sampe jam 2 pagi.
  • Sama-sama suka main Piano
  • Di masing-masing grup, punya posisi yang sama. Kyuhyun dan Seohyun sama-sama menjadi ketua vokal ke-3
  • Jadi salah satu couple di MV Seoul Song.
  • Sering menjadi couple di iklan SPAO .


YongSeo Banmal Song


Seohyun Yonghwa We Got married final episode





  1. YongSeo Couple, Adam Couple (2AM Jokwon & BEG Gain), and KhunToria Couple (2PM Nichkhun & f (x) Victoria) got together and met for the first time as husband and wife while filming “We Got Married Chuseok Special Horror” month August 2010.
  2. Many fans (including me) sad when knowing YongSeo will soon end their marriage in WGM. After this news came out, many fans are hoping they are really dating and marriage.
  3. Yonghwa Banmal Song released the song as a digital single, titled ‘For The First Time Lovers (Banmal Song)’. Unfortunately, Yonghwa just sing this song without Seohyun and lyrics of the song is also slightly modified.
  4. Yonghwa and Seohyun is the first youngest couple ever married in WGM. When married, 21-year-old Yonghwa (22 Korea) and 19-year-old Seohyun (20 Korea).
  5. After the ‘split’ with Seohyun, almost in every event that makes CNBLUE guest star, if the MC asked Yonghwa “Who is your ideal woman?”, Then Yonghwa would instantly say, “SNSD Seohyun”.
  6. Yonghwa would always say “Jashik” when she felt happy. “Jashik ‘is’ lingo’ of the Korean word” Ijashigi “which means” What the hell? “
  7. Seohyun and one brother-in-law of his, Minhyuk, born on date, month, and the same year, June 28, 1991. * This is only the twins but a different name XD *
  8. On the day of delivery of the final episode of “We Got Married YongSeo Couple”, Seohyun personally come to the studio WGM to thank you directly and give a letter to the studio family.
  9. Kim Jungmin, one of the family studio, claimed cried inside while watching the last episode YongSeo. * If I cry real *
  10. After YongSeo ‘split’, a fancafe YongSeo called “What Star Are You From?” Put an ad published in one newspaper of Korea to commemorate their wedding.
  11. YongSeo is a couple that has the highest number of members on the site Soompi Fancafe “Couple”.
  12. Seohyun is a member of SNSD’s second follow WGM. Earlier there was the leader, Taeyeon, which follow the We Got Married Session 1 with Jung Hyung Don who has the distinction of age 12 years older than Taeyeon (if not wrong)
  13. SNSD when preparing their debut in Japan, all their activities in Korea halted. Taeyeon stop being a radio DJ and Tiffany and Yuri stop being the MC one of the music program. There are fears Seohyun will also terminate its participation in the WGM at the time. But, to continue his marriage with Yonghwa Seohyun.
  14. When Yonghwa hospitalized because something happened with his voice, Seohyun Yonghwa phoned and said he wanted to see Yonghwa in the hospital. But, Seohyun off going to the hospital because so many fans there.
  15. 2AM Jokwon once said that Seohyun, Gain, and Victoria is the same type of woman, ‘not easily touched by a surprise’. Though the surprise was painstakingly prepared by the husbands. In fact, Jokwon’ve got an idea that the husband (Yonghwa, Jokwon, and Nichkhun), hang out and drink while telling about their respective wives. * At some idea Jokwon oppa come true *
  16. When CNBLUE comeback on Mnet M! Countdown (if not wrong), member CNBLUE given questions written on a blackboard that is “Who are you people really want to support you today?”, Of the three answer choices, all compact pick Seohyun. Many fans say this is proof that the third member CNBLUE Yonghwa and others can not forget Seohyun.
  17. Yonghwa included in the top 20 Idol Chart Mnet Star Fashion Show and was in position
  18. This chart idol group member rank them based on the style behind the camera. When the video style Yonghwa out, one commentator said, “Ah, Seohyun-i nampyeon, Jung Yonghwa ssi”. (Ah, Seohyun husband, Jung Yonghwa). *
  19.  If we insert the name of ‘Yonghwa and Seohyun’ in the YouTube search box, it will be many fans out videos made about them. Ranging from photo edits, fancam (the video captured fans), until video footage of the scene to pull them in WGM was also there. There are three videos made by fans who became my favorite. First, this is a video of photographs made after YongSeo ‘split’. At that time, CNBLUE and SNSD together a viewer in one event. When SNSD performing, it seems clear that from backstage Yonghwa stand and ‘watch’ SNSD performance (open stage).
  20. it seems this video was made while YongSeo still married. They also both a viewer at an event. When all artists viewer out and stood on the stage (probably at the end of the event), looks Seohyun (if not mistaken) CNBLUE drummer sitting in a chair, Minhyuk.
  21. this is me most ‘scene’. Seohyun was sitting holding his cell phone. Mobile phone screen is facing up. From between the fingers Seohyun, appeared a little picture into wallpaper cell phone. Because the closed hand Seohyun, which looks just the eyes and hair person, but it’s not Seohyun photo. That photo Yonghwa! Seohyun Yonghwa make photo as wallpaper cell phone? I’m not too sure, because this is fanmade. But in the video that shows the comparison photos Seohyun who was holding the phone with wallpapers and photos Yonghwa Yonghwa he took himself (selca = self camera). And, of eye shape and hair cut, did the same. So?”
  22. YongSeo start their marriage on We Got Married Session 2, from episodes 40 and ending at 91 episodes (51 episodes).

credit SeoHwa fact by.

credit SeoKyu fact by.


15 thoughts on “Moment SeoKyu & SeoHwa

  1. Galau saya… Kalo liat YongSeo kaya.y sneng gtu aplgi liat moment2 mreka wktu d.WGM jalinan keakraban mrka bnr2 reall scra Natural gtu.. Maniis..
    Tpi Pairing Seokyu pun Gx kalah nyenengin.. Kalo liat mreka tuh gemesiiin.. Entah ak ngrasa kyuhyun lbih cocok cma jd kakak.y seounnie aja tp stlah tw kpribadian.y yng manja n kekanakan kta.y Ples evil jga kaya.y yng cocok nd yng menjadi pawang bwt kyuoppa ini cma dan hrus wantita sesempurna seounni. Lwpun gx rela liat seo pisah sma yongoppa jdy kaya kyuoppa tuh pihak k.3 gtu.. Yongoppa bnr cocok bgt jdy suami unniseo tp kpribadian kalian trllu nyaman dan happy so pasangan yng sempurna Ngeliat.y jd irri dch..

  2. YongSeo manis bgt, aplg yg ep 46 ah natural bgt
    TAPI aku wire, ttp SeoKyu couple
    SeoKyu jjang!!

  3. teayeon bilang yongseo adalah kapel yg sempurna ^^ saya pikir keakraban yongseo lebih natural dari pada seokyu tp saya gk bisa pungkiri kalo seokyu juga cocok bgt well sya suka semua kapel seo kok entah utu yongseo seokyu seohan dll

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